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What is my philosophy?

There are so many different ways to approach health. There also many different ways to approach chiropractic care and the reasoning behind it. I have dedicated my mission to live my life as fully as I can and help inspire and empower you to do the same. There is so much more depth in life available than we know we have the potential for.  Our society has become so deluded, that the world is not getting all that we have to offer.

My main goal is to have you not need me, instead, I want you to see me and use me as a tool in your journey. When we seek something out of a need, we seek something outside of ourselves, ultimately outsourcing our healing to someone or something else.  Remember this…


Without YOU, no therapy, drug, supplement, herb, etc. would work. You do not need these things, these things need you in order to work, including chiropractic.  Loosen your grip on anything outside of you, so you can create something within you.  I want you to understand the medicine that you are; the innate healing power and medicine you have within you.

My approach to bringing chiropractic care into your life is one which encourages and challenges you to be an active participant in your own life journey.  Living life fully alive, does not mean it is all pretty rainbows and happiness. It means you are fully present, experiencing and embracing all this life has to offer. It means you are reacting to reality, not the stories you carry.  Most often, we tend to not truly experience the beautiful because we don’t want to experience the painful, but that pain is part of the human experience.  My approach will challenge you to be a person who doesn’t make decisions to avoid pain, rather make decisions to live and be fully alive.



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